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ILJIN’s Seoul R&D center manages the overall operation of global R&D in the United States and Europe; each responsible for supporting its direct region.
ILJIN has placed machines for product testing in all of its branches to not only develop new products, but also identify the needs of customers
around the world and respond to markets that are changing every moment. ILJIN’s R&D network, is prepared to respond to the needs of our customers 24/7,
and is pursuing customer satisfaction with the goal to achieve best performance and uniform quality



Ball Bearing Gen 1

It has simpler assembly process and increased endurance level and reliability compared to those of Bearing Generation 0. Mainly used for driving wheels, it is composed of integrated outer ring, a two-piece inner ring, balls, seals, cages and grease.


Ball Bearing Gen 2

This bearing has a built-in hub unit which decreases the number of components and thus is made easier to assemble and have higher endurance and reliability. Mainly used for non-driven automotive applications, it is composed of an outer ring with a built-in integrated hub, two inner rings, balls, seats, cages and grease.


Ball Bearing Gen 3

It has a hub made with an integral spline, so it improves ease of assembly. Increased durability and reliability. It is equipped with an ABS sensor and thus can be used for both driven and non-driven automobiles. It has integrated outer ring, inner ring integrated with hub, balls, seals, cages and grease.


Tapered Roller Bearing Gen 1

It has simple assembly process and higher endurance level and reliability through unitizing. Mainly used for heavier vehicles such as SUVs and pick-up Trucks, and applying a more compact design than ball bearings is possible.


Tapered Roller Bearing Gen 2

Manufactured with an integrated built-in hub, its assembly process has been made easier and it has higher endurance and reliability. It is usually used for non-driven automobiles, it is for heavier vehicles and MPV automobiles.


Tapered Roller Bearing Gen 3

Its hub and splines are built-in, and has improved ease of assembly and increased durability and reliability. It is a bearing with an integrated hub that has improved the shortcomings of the 1st and 2nd generation bearing, and can be used for vehicles with various weights, including SUVs, Pick-up trucks and MPVs.


Ball Joint

This part acts as a joint and allows wheels to freely rotate and move up and down. It is attached to knuckles or arms.


Stabilizer Link

When cars go around a corner, this part increases stability when steering by minimizing the roll. It connects the stabilizer to knuckle, control arm or strut.


Door Checker

This part gives constant level of friction to the movement when opening and closing a door of a vehicle, thus allowing the door to feel appropriate level of movement feeling

It prevents accidents arising from doors automatically closing due to inclined roads or winds, acts as a primary stopper when opening a door and reduces the load applied to the hinge.


Hybrid CABJ/Ball Joint

By applying plastic injection molding technology to ball joints, we are able to stabilize the quality.


Corner Module

It connects the arm and tire to support the weight of vehicle and transfers the movement of steering and driving force.


Lower Control Arm

Ball joints and control arms serve as a link to knuckle and cross member and help maintain the posture of a car.


Hybrid Upper Control Arm

This part serves as a link to knuckle and cross member and helps maintain the posture of a car. It supports the weight of a vehicle and the impact load from the road surface.


Tie Rod End

This acts as a link to steering gear and knuckle. It transfers the driver’s steering movement to the front wheels. It maintains instant response through its high level of stiffness.


Double Row Large Angular Contact Ball Bearing For Axles

A bearing attached to shaft, a component of car axles and gear sets.


Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing with Flange type

A flanged typed ACBB bearing that attaches to automatic transmissions.


Single Row Tapered Roller
Bearing with a Steel Cage

A tapered roller bearing that supports high radial and axial loads and lowered thermal radiation and wear by applying high-strength steel cage through design optimization.


Single Row Tapered Roller
Bearing with a Plastic Cage

A low-torque tapered roller bearing that has lowered torque applied compared to that of existing steel cage by applying optimized designs to enhance lubrication performance.


High Speed Deep
Groove Ball Bearing

A bearing used for precision machines with high speeds, precision measuring machines, high-speed motors, automotive T/M and axles and aerospace.


Ball Ramp

A bearing used for clutch application of vehicles. It transforms rotational motion to straight line motion and operates clutch.


Industrial bearing fixes axis of a rotating machine
at a specific location. It supports the heavy load of a
machine and displays high performance during high-speed rotation as well. It is used for construction machine, railway vehicles, wind generators and robots.



Railway Axle Bearing(TRB)

This is a sealed double row tapered roller bearing used as an axle bearing for freight railroad cars and high-speed trains.


Railway Axle Bearing(CRB)

This is a double row cylindrical roller bearing used as an axle bearing for metro, electric trains and light rail vehicles.


Cross Roller Bearing

This is a high precision crossed roller bearing is used in numerous areas including robot arms, motors, machine tools and medical devices.


Large Angular Contact Ball Bearing

This is an angular contact bearing with sizes bigger than regular ball bearing used for deriving/swivel reducer of industrial vehicles and robot arm reducers.


TRB For Tunnel Boring Machine(TBM)

This is a bearing used for cutter rings of tunnel boring machines.


Slewing Bearing(Yaw Bearing)

Yaw bearings are placed between the upper part and lower part of large industrial machines. It allows the machine to rotate according to the axial and moment loads.


Slewing Bearing(Pitch Bearing)

Pitch Bearings have the ability to adjust the wings’ angles according to the wind speed.