In order to respond to global ESG trends and trends,
ILJIN Group has established ESG declaration
and issue-specific policy to build internalization of ESG.


ESG Declaration

ILJIN declares the following for the practice of ESG management to develop corporate social and environmental responsibility and business ethics.
E. ILJIN is committed to identifying environmental impacts in its manufacturing processes and minimizing negative impacts on communities, the environment, and natural resources.
S. IJIN fulfills its social responsibility by promoting communication management based on respect for the human rights and labor of its employees and other stakeholders.
G. ILJIN establishes a transparent and fair decision-making system and practices ethical management based on the principle of good faith.

  • 1Environmental policy

    1. ILJIN strictly complies with international agreements and laws related to the environment, establishes and operates internal standards that are stricter than legal requirements, and continuously improves environmental performance.

    2. ILJIN minimizes environmental impact by reducing the use of hazardous substances and the emission of pollutants through Eco-friendly process operation.

    3. ILJIN evaluates the environmental impact of all processes from product design to production, use, and disposal, and strives to develop eco-friendly products.

    4. ILJIN minimizes greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing energy efficiency, investing in carbon reduction technologies, and expanding the use of renewable energy.

    5. ILJIN executives and employees voluntarily participate in activities to reduce energy use, save resources, and recycle.

  • 2Health & Safety policy

    1. ILJIN strictly complies with internal and external laws related to safety and health, establishes and operates internal standards that are stricter than legal requirements, and continuously improves safety and health performance.

    2. ILJIN fully supports the elimination of risks in the workplace and continuously reviews and improves safety and health management activities to contribute to improving the health and quality of life of workers.

    3. ILJIN raises the safety and health awareness of employees, partners, and other stakeholders through continuous education and training and communication, and creates a corporate culture in which they voluntarily participate in safety and health management activities.

    4. ILJIN actively conducts safety education, training, and on-site accident prevention activities to prevent major industrial and civil accidents.

  • 3Ethics policy

    1. ILJIN prohibits all forms of bribery, corruption, extortion and embezzlement.

    2. ILJIN prohibits the promise, offer, permission, offer or acceptance of bribes or other means of obtaining undue or improper benefits.

    3. ILJIN transparently executes all business transactions and accurately reflects the results in business books and records.

    4. ILJIN respects the intellectual property rights of others and safely protects the information of customers and suppliers.

    5. ILJIN complies with fair trade, advertising and competition standards.

    6. ILJIN guarantees the anonymity of suppliers and workers who report whistleblowing and prevents them from being penalized.

    7. ILJIN strives to prevent the supply of minerals from conflict affected or high-risk areas.

  • 4Labor policy

    1. ILJIN respects all executives and employees as human beings, and actively strives to prevent mental or physical inhumane treatment.

    2. ILJIN does not force employees to work against their free will, such as assault, intimidation, confinement, human trafficking, and slave labor.

    3. ILJIN complies with the minimum employment age set by the laws and regulations of each country and region, and applies a zero-tolerance principle to child labor prohibited by the laws and regulations.

    4. ILJIN prohibits workplace harassment and discrimination based on all social and political backgrounds such as gender, race, age, disability, and marital status.

    5. ILJIN complies with regulations related to regular and overtime working hours and holidays set forth in labor-related laws and regulations of each country and region.

    6. ILJIN complies with all wage-related laws, including minimum wage, overtime pay and statutory allowance laws.

    7. ILJIN guarantees freedom of association for collective agreements and peaceful assembly in accordance with labor-related laws and regulations of each country and region.

    8. ILJIN complies with the standards for working conditions stipulated in the labor-related laws and regulations of each country and region, and does not impose working conditions worse than those standards.

  • 5Supply chain policy

    1. ILJIN promotes sustainable management of its suppliers through the ESG code of conduct.

    2. ILJIN considers the social and environmental factors of the target organization in all contracts and provides differentiated incentives to excellent partners.

    3. ILJIN regularly analyzes and evaluates suppliers' CSR risks, and if necessary, conducts surveys and on-site inspections of suppliers’executives and employees.

    4. ILJIN promotes and supports partner companies' self-education to spread sustainability management within the supply chain.

    5. ILJIN sets goals for sustainable procurement and continuously monitors its suppliers.

  • 6Social Contribution Policy

    1. ILJIN is committed to creating a bright and warm society by donating its talents and resources to society.

    2. ILJIN actively supports the underprivileged so that they can have hope for the future and prepare a foundation for self-reliance.

    3. ILJIN actively strives to spread the true meaning of social contribution by strengthening cooperation with welfare and civic groups.

    4. ILJIN strives to develop a new labor-management culture by actively supporting the social service activities of its employees.