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Cyber Audit Office

If you report any of the following in relation to ILJIN Group,
You will be notified of the results of the resolution via phone or e-mail and you can track the resolution progress with the generated validation number.
When reporting, one may choose to be anonymous, however, when complaint is submitted with name verification, and the processed on a confidential basis.
(Leave your contact information when you report anonymously)
It usually takes 7~10days to notify the informant of the results of information reported to audit office.

  • 1Types of information to be reported

    - Requests abusing official authority

    - Suggestions for improvements of irrational practices

    - Unfair transactions abusing school or regional ties

    - Other acts in violation of the Code of Conduct

    - Requests abusing official authority

  • 2Process procedures on the reported items and reporting methods

    - If the reported contents contain false information or is incorrect, it may not be taken into consideration. Please write out the contents of the accusation as accurately as possible according to the rule of five W’s and one H.

    - The reports will be investigated in ILJIN GROUP Audit Office, The progress and result can be checked in the Confirmation of processing Result’ section.

    - For other inquiries, please contact the ILJIN Audit Office

    - Letter : Audit Office, ILJIN GROUP, 527, Samseong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06157, Korea / E-mail :

  • 3Informant Protection

    - Confidentiality : Personal information of the informant cannot be disclosed to the public without the informant’s consent.

    - Guarantee of status : The employer or relevant department is prohibited from imposing any disadvantages or discriminating against the informant because of supplied information, statements and submission of evidence.

Amount Redemption amount Loss prevention or improvement amount
Less than 100 million won 20% 5%
More than 100 million won-less than 500 million won 20 million won + 10% of the amount over 100 million won 5 million won + 2.5% of the amount over 100 million won
5More than 500 million won – less than 1 billion won 60 million won + 6% of the amount over 500 million won 15 million won + 1% of the amount over 500 million won
Over 1 billion won 90 million won + 3% of the amount over 1 billion won 22.5 million won + 1% of the amount over 1 billion won

- The maximum reward amount is 100 million won.

- Subcontractors and external personnel will receive award and will expand business in company scale.

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