More Creative, More Innovative

ILJIN is growing to become a global automotive
parts design and manufacturing company

World Class ILJIN

Since establishment in 1973, 
ILJIN has led the global wheel bearing market through growth and innovation. 
We strive for the highest level of customer


We are taking a step forward to become a world-class corporation that actualizes the best customer values through fostering creative people, developing innovative technology, communication and cooperation

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    Fostering creative People

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    Developing innovative technology

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A business culture of ILJIN

  • - Creative activities to pioneer new fields

    - New ideas and practices to inspire market change

    - Future-oriented thinking for continuous improvement

  • - Spirited teamwork to achieve our common objectives

    - Sharing information amongst team members, departments and within the corporation

    - Mutual cooperation and collaboration facilitates rapid, high quality solutions

  • - Perform all work with professionalism and commitment

    - Challenge ourselves to achieve organizational goals

    - Do our utmost towards customer satisfaction

ILJIN history

ILJIN Group will continue to run without a break.

  • 1973-1981Foundation Stage

    1973. 07.일진물산 설립

    1978. 12.일진단조(現 일진베어링) 설립

  • 1982-1993Take-off Stage

    1982.08.한국블럭스위치(現 일진글로벌), 영국 블럭스위치와 합작 설립

    1986.01.동아산업(現 (주)일진)설립

    1986.12.일진단조 해외수출 개시

    1987.03.동탑 산업훈장 수훈(기술개발 부문)

    1988.11.1천만불 수출의 탑 수상

  • 1994-2007Global Growth

    1994. 01.2대 휠 베어링 사업

    1997. 07.ILJIN INDIA Establish

    2000. 04.3대 휠베어링 독자개발

    2002. 10.BEIJING ILJIN Establish

    2003. 03.ILJIN USA Establish

    2005. 01.ILJIN SLOVAKIA Establish

    2006. 11.TIANJIN ILJIN Establish

    2008. 04.ILJIN Bearing GmbH Establish

  • 2010 ~The Second Take-off The Second stage

    2010. 09.ILJIN ALABAMA Establish

    2011. 05.BEARING ART Establish

    2012. 05.BEIJING ILJIN Establish

    2013. 06.베어링아트 영주 공장 완공

    2014. 09.ILJIN USA R&D Center Establish

    2015. 06.CHONGQING ILJIN Establish

    2016. 01.ILJIN GLOBAL INDIA Establish

    2016. 01.Europe R&D Center Establish

    2017. 03.일본 요코하마 판매 지점 설립

    2017. 04.프랑스 파리, 이탈리아 토리노 판매 지점 설립

    2017. 10.일진 문화재단 설립

    2019. 09.ILJIN AMERICA Establish

    2020. 04.ILJIN GLOBAL HOLDINGS Establish


ILJIN’s CI represents a future-oriented image providing advanced
technology of the professional bearing manufacturer.
We introduce the CI as a part of our effort to create a differentiated corporate image and
establish new corporate culture shared by all staff members.

CI download
  • Word mark

    ILJIN’s word mark describes a high technology
    industry, yet uses a minimalistic logo that is future oriented.
    Sophisticated matching of L and J shows the company’s artisan sprit.

  • Graphic Motive

    Clockwise rotating graphic is a visual of the name of our company, 
    ILJIN in Chinese characters(日進).
    This concept describes a future oriented and global image for
    the bearing industry which is the center of power.
    In addition, it expresses the creative passion of ILJIN sensuously.
    Graphic motive will support diverse promotional activities.



  • April

    Awarded GM '2018 Supplier of the Year'

  • January

    Hyundai Kia Motors' 'Quality 5STAR' Award


  • April

    Awarded FCA '2018 Supplier of the Year'

  • April

    Awarded GM '2017 Supplier of the Year'


  • March

    Awarded GM '2016 Supplier of the Year'


  • May

    Awarded Ford 'World Excellence Awards'(silver)

  • March

    Awarded GM '2015 Supplier of the Year'


  • December 

    Awarded the Export Tower of 500 Million


  • November

    Awarded FCA 2013 Supplier of The Year


  • December

    Awarded the Export Tower of 400 Million


  • March 

    Awarded Presidential Citation at the 46th Taxpayer's Day Ceremony

  • January

    Awarded 'Quality 5 STAR' from Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group


  • November

    Awarded the Export Tower of 300 Million


  • Febrary

    Awarded a prize of the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy


  • Febrary

    Awarded 'Quality 5 Star' of Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd.


  • November 

    Awarded the Export Tower of 200 Million


  • Febrary

    Received the Daimler Chrysler '2004 Gold Award'


  • November 

    Awarded the Export Tower of 100 Million


  • May

    Awarded the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit(for SME)


  • November 

    Received the Bronze Award of New Tech Korea Selected as an export leading company (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)


  • November

    Awarded the Export Tower of 10 Million


  • March

    Awarded the Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit(For technological development)