As a world class bearing manufacturer

Iljin Group produces key auto parts and industrial bearings
and supplies them to customers worldwide.

  • Hub Unit Bearing
  • Chassis & Suspension
  • Powertrain

Hub unit bearing

Attached to the wheel of vehicle, this bearing supports the weight while also transferring the power.
There are two types, ball bearings and tapered roller bearings. Currently we are manufacturing all 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation
bearings and 3 out of 10 cars worldwide are running with ILJIN’s bearing.

Chassis & Suspension

This component connects the body of the automobile to its wheels and
alleviates road impact transferred to the body by maintaining proper stiffness in all directions.
It adjusts the movement of vehicle appropriately to enhance the passenger’s comfort.


Bearings for transferring vehicles engine power support radial and axial loads from gears.
With growing demand for better fuel efficiency, ILJIN focuses on developing bearings with low radial torque,
and high wear resistance and rolling contact fatigue strength.